Why You Shouldn't Apply To Every Scholarship You See

Why You Shouldn’t Apply To Every Scholarship You See

Although it would make sense to submit an application for every scholarship that comes your way. But here, we advice you should consider to submit applications for only a few scholarships. This will not only help you save time and effort, but it will also assist you in increasing your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 Rule, supports this piece of advise. If you apply this theory to the process of applying for scholarships, you will find that it is smart to apply for only 20% of the available scholarships; doing so will increase your chances of success to 80%.

Let’s try to put this into example:

 Let’s say you are from Africa, more specifically Nigeria, and wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Development Studies in Germany on a scholarship. Following your research, you discovered that there are ten scholarships meant to support African students who wish to further their education in Germany.

If you followed the advice given above, you will attempt to concentrate on applying for no more than three or four scholarships, as doing so will increase your chances of being successful.

The question now is, how do you pick the scholarships you should apply to?

This question can be answered by considering the following criteria:

  1. Which among the 10 scholarships you found are specifically targeted to Nigerians?
  2. Which among the 10 scholarships are aligned to your qualifications?
  3. Which among the 10 scholarships prioritize the study programme you are applying for?

You should look for a scholarship program that is aimed specifically at Nigerians, has eligibility requirements that are compatible with your qualifications, and, if at all possible, has as one of its priority programs a master’s degree in development studies or a program that is closely related to it. This is the ideal scholarship for you to pursue.

It is normally going to provide you a higher chance of being awarded the scholarship if you apply for one that is tailored to your citizenship, qualifications, and interests. In addition, applying for fewer scholarships allows you to devote more time to writing a compelling scholarship application letter, meeting all of the conditions listed in the application, and turning in the application on time.

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In summary

This piece of advice is not intended to be taken as a rule; you are always free to apply for as many scholarships as you choose, provided that you believe doing so would boost your chances of being awarded one. The standard piece of advice is to make sure that you are applying for scholarships that are tailored to you rather than simply applying for any scholarship that comes your way.

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