Warning memo to employee

Warning memo to employee-A warning memo is given to a staff due to improper behavior. Management of an organization may decide to issue a warning memo to a staff who failed to follow instructions from his or her superiors.

Warning memo to employee will serve as a cautionary advice to the staff that such misconduct will not be tolerated by the organization and that should the staff repeat such bad behavior, the Management will have no choice than to terminate the contract or made to face a severe punishment.

Below are some examples of warning memo to employee that can guide you to write your own.

Internal Memo

To:      All Securities

From: Admin/HR Manager

CC:     General Manager, Technical Manager

Date:   20th July, 2019

Subject: Insubordination warning memo to Employee

The above subject matter refers

Management has observed several occurrences of unauthorized parking of vehicle within the office premises particularly during unofficial hours and midnight.

Yesterday being Friday 19th July 2021 at About 1:00Am, we were informed of a vehicle packed in front of the office car pack without authorization and the security failed to do the needful.

In case of future occurrences, kindly be advice to tell the motorist that the office car pack is out of bound to non-staff and that he or she should move on else you will involve the Police. If the vehicle in question fails to be move, be advice to alert your the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to call the Police Patrol Team

In line with these, you are hereby informed the allotted time for the closing of both the resident gate and the office gate is 9:00 Pm prompt

Stay reminded that your core duty is to safeguard the lives and properties of the company and Management will not tolerate such any lapses as future occurrence will attract severe punishment. 

Please be warned.

Thank you.


Admin/HR Manager   

Subject:  Reckless driving warning memo to employee

The Management is displeased with the incidence that occurred on Monday 2nd August 2021 due to your careless and impatient driving. It was reported that you hit another car, and almost caused a fatal accident when you were asked to drive to the mechanic for maintenance of the vehicle.

Your lack of impatience while driving will not be tolerated. You are expected to know your speed limited as a professional driver.

Avoid future reoccurrence of the above, as Management will not tolerate this unprofessional behavior.

Be an asset to the organization and help reduce organizational expenses on vehicle maintenance, by ensuring you do the proper thing, do not incur unnecessary costs.

This memo serves as a final warning to you, afterwards, deduction.

Thank you.


Human Resources Manager

Subject:  Not following instructions warning memo to employee

You have been told on several occasions to file all employee related documents in their appropriate files. but you have in recent times violated this instruction.

Please note that any future reoccurrence, deductions will be made from your salary.

Please be informed henceforth that all staff lease houses must carry the period of coverage. i.e the date of commencement of lease and the expiration date.

Note, any request for renewal without the period of coverage should not be approved and payment will not be made until the above information is provided.

Thank you


Technical Manager

Subject: Coming to work late warning memo to employee

The subject matter refers

As per your agreement with the General Manager to resume 9:30am to work due to the distance of your residence. It has been observed that despite several verbal and written warning memos, you have continually flouted the instruction.

Therefore, be informed that this is your final warning, hence any further occurrence of lateness to work will incur a deduction of your pay which may eventually lead to the termination of your appointment.

Thank you.


Technical Manager            


Forgetting instructions warning memo to employee

The above subject matter refers.

It has come to the management notice that you don’t carry out your job as at when due and you keep forgetting directives

This memo serves as a warning that from henceforth, your work scheduled should be properly and accurately followed.

Adherence to this instruction must not be compromised

Thank you,


Admin/HR Manager               

Subject: Unsatisfactory job done warning memo to employee

It has come to our notice that you no longer take your cleaning job serious. You have been informed before now that cleaning of the balcony and the glasses should be done three (3) times in a week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) without exceptions.

You were supposed to clean the balcony yesterday and you deliberately choose not to do so, until you were called upon today (17th March, 2020), this is considered an act of negligence of duty.

Consequently, the equivalent of two (2) days deduction will be made from your March, 2020 Salary. This will serve as punitive measure as further disobedient will attract severe punishment.

Be reminded once again that cleaning of the premises is your core duty and should not be compromised, also make it a habit to always go round the premises to identify areas that readily need your attention.

Thank you.


Admin/ HR Manager  

Subject: Using company telephone for unofficial business

It has come to the notice of the Management that you use the company telephone for personal business

The amount sub-charged monthly for telephone subscription went overboard by more than 50% of the normal monthly rate.

The office telephone is strictly for office use within the confines of 8:00am in the morning and 5:00pm at the close of business.

On no account should you take the company telephone home. It should be kept/stored in the office.

Henceforth, you must follow the above instructions.

Be warned, subsequent action(s) will attract severe punishment.


Human Resources Manager

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Subject: Not complying to directives warning memo to employee

Please be informed that one (1) day deduction will be made from your April 2021 salary.

This is because of non-compliance with the Saturday roster, after the H.O.D (Accounts) had instructed and called to follow up.

Henceforth, you must compile with all instructions from your departmental head.

Be warned that subsequent action(s) will attract severe punishment.


HR Manager

Subject: Misplaced item warning memo to employee

It has come to the notice of the Management that you misplaced the radiator cover for the vehicle in your custody.

The sum of Two Thousand Naira only (N2,000) will be deducted from your July salary as the amount for the replacement of the above-mentioned radiator cover.

Company property in your custody should always be taken care of appropriately and, to avoid future penalties/sanctions.

Be warned, subsequent action(s) will attract severe punishment.


Human Resources Manager

Subject: Disobedience warning memo to employee

It has come to the notice of the Management that you did not follow company procedure in filling up the vehicle fuel tank for Toyota Highlander AGL 123 FB.

This action has brought discrepancies between your records and Mr ABC the driver of the vehicle’s record

Henceforth, all procedures must be followed in the discharge of all administrative duties.

This serves as a deterrent, be warned, subsequent action(s) will attract disciplinary action.


Human Resources Manager

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Subject:  Unapproved Casual leave warning memo to employee

Your leave application dated 17/07/2021 (Saturday) was tendered on a weekend, in the absence of the Human Resources Manager and you requested the casual leave for Monday, Thursday, and Friday 19/22/23 of July 2021. You travelled on your own and gave the organization no notice at all, without seeking approval or otherwise.

Based on the above actions, kindly be informed that three (3) days deduction will be made from your July 2021 salary

For violating the organization’s policy regarding the appropriate leave application procedure as seen below:

  • No Designation.

You did not include your designation or cadre after writing your name at the end of your application. GM re-iterates this as the standard organizational practice.

  • Late application submission on a weekend.

Applications are submitted during workdays (Monday- Friday) and not weekends.

  • You did not wait for the Management’s response to your application (approval/disapproval).

Five (5)- Seven (7) days’ notice is required from the day of application till final approval. This gives ample time for the application to circulate and get the necessary approval and consent from the Management. Afterwards, an approval/disapproval memo is written to that effect and tendered to you before you take the requested leave.

Kindly note that this serves as deterrent against future re-occurrence, as the Management will not tolerate unethical behavior in the workplace.

Thank you.


Human Resources Manager   

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Subject:  Nonchalant attitude to work warning memo to employee

On Wednesday August 4, 2021, during my office patrol, I observed the white door leading to the stairs and Admin/HR department was opened. On getting to the reception, Mr. ABC (Security Officer) was on duty, and I asked you why that door was open. You asked me if the door was widely or partially open. This is a clear case of insubordination and nonchalant towards your duty to the organization.

I have mentioned this countless times to the CSO and all Security Officers that your primary responsibility is always to secure employees and organizational property. How do you ensure the security and well-being of all employees when you do not abide by the ethics and principles guiding the organization by which you were employed in the first place?

Please note, the safety and welfare of employees and organizational property should not be jeopardized at all costs. All entrance and exit points should remain always shut (except in peculiar maintenance cases).

This is your first warning! All Security Officers have been warned severally on this matter and hope you will try your best to follow the rules and regulations of this company with a dutiful attitude and we don’t have to reproach you again in the future. We wish to get your real effort to help us with the success of our company. We are eagerly waiting to see your immediate change after getting this warning!

Thank you.


Human Resources Manager

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