Top 5 Life Insurance Companies In Nigeria

Top 5 life insurance company in nigeria

As we promise to always provide you the best tips that will guide you to a better tomorrow, today we will be talking about the top 5 biggest players when it comes to life Insurance in Nigeria. The companies are financially strong and have long spanning histories when it comes to Insurance industry in Nigeria.

Here are the top 5 life insurance companies in Nigeria, they are readily available to welcome you anytime if you want to buy life insurance policy that will cover you and your beneficiaries.

1. AIICO Insurance plc

AIICO Insurance plc established in 1963 is one of the leading providers of Life insurance in Nigeria. The company focus mainly on Life Insurance, Asset Management and Health Maintenance. AIICO Insurance are expect in Life insurance and annuity, General insurance and special risk. These guys are keen to providing life insurance and retirement service to Nigerians.

2. AXA Mansard Insurance

AXA Mansard Insurance is a member of AXA group of companies present in Europe, Asia, North, South and Central America and of course here in Africa. While I was going through their profile, I discovered that AXA was incorporated as a private limited liability company here in Nigeria as far back as 1989. AXA is a registered composite company under NAICOM. Their main focus are Life and non-life insurance services to Nigerians.

3. Industrial and General Insurance

IGI are in the business of Life Insurance and General Insurance. There are also expert in pension and special risk. IGI officially commenced business in 1992. Equipped with strong financial base, Insurance professionals and modern technology, the company became the preferred choice for individuals and institutions in Nigeria.

4. Leadway Life Insurance

For more than 5 decades, leadway has earned a reputation of excellent in handling claims for her policyholders. Their main focus since 1970 has been to expand insurance services to all Nigerian. Their main focus are on personal insurance (Life Insurance) Business insurance, auto insurance and General Insurance.

5. Custodian and Allied Insurance

Custodian is one of the leading life insurance insurers in Nigeria. Their main focus are on General Insurance, Life Insurance, Trustees, pensions, property. and wealth Management


These are top 5 leading providers of life Insurance in Nigeria. Their services are not just limited to Life Insurance, they have plenty policy options coupled with high customer satisfaction, making them a strong life insurance choice for Nigeria. There are also other Insurance companies in Nigeria that provides quality services. You can make more research to find out the one that is suitable for your needs.

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