The Best Free Budgeting App in 2021

Budgeting App helps you to measure your expenses, it helps you to track of every penny spent and as well helps you to adjust on how you spend your money so that you can stick to your financial goals. Budgeting app will help you to manage your money effectively so that you can reduce unnecessary expenses.

We have selected our best budgeting app to help you manage your finances. Our reviews are unbiased. We are entitled to our opinions and not sponsored or influenced by owners of the this Apps.

Mint Budgeting App image
Mint app is available on app store, both of play store and apple store

Mint is our preferred choice when shopping for a free budgeting app. Mint gives you a new approach to deal with cash. It can as well help you to track your goals by tracking the way you spend your money. Mint suggests that every penny should count in your budget.

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Features of Mint budgeting app

  • Free to use
  • See your regular bill payment
  • Set up budgets
  • Track expenses and debt payment
  • Link your credit/debit card, loans, investments, and bank details with just a tap
  • Track your cash flow
  • View account balance
  • View the total amount you spent
  • Calculate your networth
  • Notify you when spending above your targeted budget
  • Provides budgeting tips and advice
  • Monthly bill reminder
  • MoveMint; a new feature that tells you where and where your money has gone
  • Set up a financial goal.
  • Bill payment tracker
  • Free Credit score
  • Home loan offers with Rocket Mortgage.
  • Support cryptocurrency, If investing in crypto is part of your financial plan. Supported by Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal and Robinhood.


  • Free to use
  • personal finance advice and tips
  • Expenses tracking
  • Supports cryptocurrency


  • Currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.
  • In-app products advertisement.
  • Few complaints about technical issues

Frequently Asked Question

Is Mint the best budgeting app?

Mint is one of the best-accepted apps for budgeting. The app is owned by Intuit, It offers some good features that helps you to track and manage your money

Is Mint budget app safe?

Yes, Intuit, the owners of Mint, uses the latest bank-level encryption and multi-factor security measures to protect its customers’ personal and financial information

Why can’t Mint access my bank account?

If you have issues relating to Mint not accessing your bank account in the App, Mint says you should sign in to and the proceed to add your account details there. And if you have the same issue on the net using their website, Mint advice you to switch to an incognito/private window mode or better still try a another web browser, and sign in using

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