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Nhis Nigeria-How to Register for nhis in Nigeria

NHIS Nigeria-National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a health insurance scheme established by the country to provide easy access to health care services to Nigerians.

The government knew that it was expensive to access health care in the country, so they introduced a system to help everyone access affordable and quality health care, no matter their class.

What is NHIS Nigeria, and what do they do?

The acronym NHIS means National Health Insurance Scheme. In Nigeria, the quest to get NHIS Number is increasing day by day.

The NHIS scheme was established under Act 35 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. The primary purpose of establishing NHIS is to improve the health status of the citizens at a very low cost.

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What does NHIS do?

Nhis Nigeria

NHIS is a corporate body that aims to provide affordable health care to Nigerians who subscribed to the scheme. Their primary function is to ensure that every Nigerian has quality health care at a meager cost. If you want to know how to get your NHIS Number, this article got you covered.

  1. They provide social health insurance to Nigerians who subscribed to the scheme.

NHIS is the most widely used form of health insurance coverage in Nigeria. The scheme is widely used because of its easy access and affordability compared to other health insurance providers in the country.

  • NHIS manages the National Health Insurance Fund for the federal government.
  • They educate and create public awareness about the importance of health insurance to the general members.
  • They make proposals to the ministry of health about new health insurance policies that may benefit Nigerians.

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2. They provide financial access to quality health care to all Nigerians who subscribed to the scheme.

One of the core visions of the scheme is to provide financial help to all Nigerians who signed up for the system.

This is to ensure you receive the best health care treatment at a very low cost, thereby saving you a lot of cash that you would have spent on medical bills.

  • They ensure equality in health care coverage in the country by providing that both the poor, the middle class, and the rich have access to quality health care.
  • They also protect the less privileged and vulnerable Nigerians against financial risk.
3. They regulate private health insurance organizations like HMOs in Nigeria.

One significant functions of the NHIS in Nigeria is to regulate other smaller private health insurance providers. They give licenses of operation to HMOs.

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Suppose any health insurance company in the country deviates from the standard of operation. In that case, NHIS is in the best position to sanction the company either by withdrawing its license of operation or by serving them punishment according to the gravity of the company’s offense as stipulated by law.

  • They register, supervise and grant credentials to other private health insurance givers in the country.
  • They resolve any complaints between the National health insurance members and other health service providers in the country.

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How to Get NHIS Nigeria Number

Below is the breakdown of how you can get an NHIS Number.

  1. Physical application
  2. Online application
  3. Mobile/phone application
  4. How to Get NHIS- Physical Application

This application method requires that you or your employees visit the NHIS office or any accredited hospital or HMO office for registration. Upon visitation to register as subscribers.

The registration officer would need your full name, date of birth, home address, marital status, age, mobile phone number, and staff ID card number.

After submitting your personal information, the registration officer will take your passport photograph and biometric data. After the registration, a card will be issued to you as proof of NHIS subscriber.

If you or your beneficiaries fall sick, all you need to do is to visit your preferred primary health care center with the NHIS card. Health workers will attend to you. 

  1. How to Get NHIS Number- Online Application

With this method, you can get NHIS Number. You can apply for NHIS for yourself, your beneficiaries, and your employees. Anywhere you are, even right there in the comfort of your office.

Online registration requires that you visit the NHIS office or any participating health maintenance organization(HMO) to buy the voucher used for online registration.

After you purchase the voucher, you will be given a registration link for your employees. All you need to do is log into the NHIS online registration portal given to you and complete the registration process.

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  1. How to get NHIS Number- Mobile phone Application

You can also get your NHIS Number using the National Mobile Health Insurance program (NMHIP). All you need to do is inform your employees to pick their mobile phones and dial *616#. A menu will appear with options on how to register.

Gradually follow the commands and complete your registration. After successful registration, you will receive your e-ID as a text message on your phone.

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As an employer of labor in Nigeria, 5% of your staff’s salary will be deducted every month as contributions to the scheme while you as the boss will contribute 10% to the project.

How does NHIS work in Nigeria?

The National Health Insurance Scheme works so that you as a subscriber will pay a certain small amount of money as a contribution to the scheme.

The amount of money you contributed will serve as your social health insurance coverage. The program is divided into three categories:

  1. The formal sector
  2. The informal sector and
  3. The vulnerable.

The formal sector is compulsory for every company in Nigeria with more than ten employees.

According to the law of Nigeria’s federal government, every organization with up to 10 employees must have health insurance coverage for their employees.

When you as a subscriber contribute money, together with other subscribers, the contributions all serve as an insurance coverage to all scheme subscribers.

The chances of all the subscribers falling sick at a time is very slim. In short, all the subscribers can’t fall sick at a time, and because of that, the few subscribers that may fall ill will get a good health treatment that sometimes will be worth far more than their contributions.

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Health expenses covered by NHIS in Nigeria
  • Outpatient care;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Prescribed medicine;
  • Dental care;
  • Maternity care;
  • Preventive care;
  • Consultations with medical specialist;

If you or your staff have any medical challenges relating to the above-listed conditions, you should consider applying for NHIS.

How much you can pay for NHIS in Nigeria

The amount you will pay depends on the type of program you choose. For the formal sector(federal, public sector), workers pay 1.75% of their salary every month, while the organization pays 3.5% on behalf of their workers.

While for people in the private sector, the organization is expected to contribute 10% of a monthly staff salary.

 The employees are expected to contribute 5% of their monthly salary to the scheme.

Medical bills depend on the risk and health problems for individuals, vulnerable, and other program enrollees.

Programs offered by NHIS Nigeria

NHIS offers programs that cut across all spheres of society. Ranging from the convicts, the poor, the middle class, and the rich. No matter your level in the community, NHIS has got you covered. Below are the major programs they offer, categorized into three:

  1. Formal sector

This program is made up of public and private organizations in Nigeria. According to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, every organization with more than ten employees must have NHIS coverage.

  1. Informal sector
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The informal sector is made up of the

  • Primary school children;
  • Secondary school;
  • Tertiary schools and;
  • Community-based social health insurance scheme;
  1. Vulnerable group

People under the vulnerable group are:

  • physically challenged persons
  • Prison inmates: convicts, awaiting trials, offending minors
  • Children under five
  • pregnant women
  • Aged parents
Levels of health care under NHIS Nigeria

There are three levels of health care under NHIS.

  1. NHIS Primary health care

A participant is expected to choose a primary health care center during registration. Your primary health center is usually the first place you visit whenever you have any health challenges.

  1. NHIS Secondary health care

Secondary health care treats more complex health problems which primary health care cannot treat. It’s usually a referral level from primary health care.

When health workers cannot treat particular health conditions, they refer to the secondary health care level.

  1. NHIS Tertiary health care

This is considered the apex level when treating any health-related problem. This level takes referrals from the primary and secondary health care levels.

Any health challenge that cannot be treated at this level is considered the worst health challenge and may be referred abroad in the worst-case scenario.

How can my employee access health care with NHIS?

To access health care with NHIS, your employees would need to:

  • pick the NHIS card
  • Go to the selected primary health care provider
  • present the NHIS card to the Health Record Office at the out-patient unit
  • Wait for some time to allow the officials of the health facility to check the authenticity of your card
  • Health workers will attend to you after the officials have confirmed the card’s validity.
  • Inform your staff to get the card back from the health officials after receiving treatment.
NHIS Nigeria Card Replacement

If your staff misplaced the NHIS card, damaged it, or expired. You will need to:

  • Contacting the NIHS office.
  • Request for card replacement form on behalf of your staff.
  • Fill the replacement form
  • Pay the applicable fee
  • Get a new card

As an NHIS subscriber, you are a stakeholder of the scheme. Your only responsibility is to pay your premium promptly. Your staff NHIS card is their ticket to access health care whenever they have any health challenge.

New subscribers will have to wait for 90 days before they can begin to enjoy the health benefits under NHIS.

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