MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program for Africans

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program for Africans

MasterCard Foundation
Bachelors/Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: Jan-July
Study in: USA & Africa
Course starts September

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program for Africans

Brief description:

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program for Africans: The goal of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to provide economically disadvantaged young people in Africa with the opportunity to receive an education and develop their potential so that they can make significant contributions to the improvement of their continent. Students in secondary schools and universities in Africa will benefit from this program to the tune of $500 million, which will equip them with the knowledge and leadership abilities necessary to contribute to the continent’s economic and social advancement.

Host Institution(s):

The following universities and institutions were chosen because of their dedication to academic achievement, nurturing environments, and programs that are important to growing industries in Africa, such as banking, agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications:

•  African Leadership Academy, South Africa
•  Ashesi University, Ghana
•  American University of Beirut, USA
•  Arizona State University, USA
•  Camfed , USA
•  Brac, Uganda
•  Duke University, USA
•  Earth University, Costa Rica
•  Forum for African Women Educationalists, Kenya
•  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
•  Makerere University, Uganda
•  McGill University, Canada
•  Michigan State University, USA
•  Stanford University, USA
•  University of British Columbia, Canada
•  University of California, Berkeley, USA
•  University of Pretoria, South Africa
•  University of Toronto, Canada
•   Wellesley College, USA
•   University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Field(s) of study:

Approved academic specializations that can be pursued at one of the participating universities or colleges. Please visit the pages dedicated to the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at the universities and institutions listed above.

Number of Scholarships:

The goal of the Scholarship Programs is to award scholarships worth a total of $500 million to 15,000 African students over the course of ten years.

Target group:

Citizens of Sub-Saharan Africa

Scholarship value/inclusions:

The purpose of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to give college students with comprehensive support, which includes the following:

Comprehensive Scholarships: Students who are awarded comprehensive scholarships receive financial support for a variety of educational expenses, including tuition and fees, uniforms, books and supplies, travel, housing, and stipends.

21st Century Skill Building: Building Skills for the 21st Century Students receive a benefit from being enriched in skill areas that are crucial to the success of their future employment, such as critical thinking, communications, and entrepreneurship.

Transition Support: Students will get help in the form of mentoring, career counseling, internships, leadership development, and other life skills coaching as they make the transition into secondary school, university, or the workforce. This support will be provided during the transition period.

Give-back Component: Component of Giving Back The Scholars make a promise as part of the Program to give something back to the communities and nations in which they were raised. This is an essential part of the Program. These commitments will be demonstrated by the students through many forms of experiential learning, including but not limited to volunteer work and community service.

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Alumni Network: Graduates of the Scholars Program will be connected with one another through the use of an alumni network that provides access to a variety of informational and resourceful options, as well as the chance to consult with other graduates.


Please ensure that you meet all of the specific eligibility requirements outlined by the potential host institution or university..

Application instructions:

Your chosen participating university or institution must receive your application immediately if you want to be considered. The submission window typically runs from January through July.

It is important to visit the institution’s or university’s websites (see above links) and the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website:

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