Internal Memo Examples

Internal Memo Examples- In a work setting, there’s always a need for direct communication within the organization. Internal Memo or memorandum is one of the most effective ways to communicate within an organization. Internal memos should be brief and always straight forward and easy to understand.

In this article, we will look at some internal memo examples, how to write internal memo and when to issue internal memo.

Internal Memo Examples

Internal Memo

To:     All staff

From: HR Manager                       


Date: March 22, 2021

Subject: Covid-19 Preventive Measures Internal Memo Example

Following the updates of the coronavirus outbreak, please be informed that the organization is taking some extra measures to protect the health of all employees in our organization.

Effective immediately, it is MANDATORY to put on face masks/shields in the office premise at all times (and in public places) at resumption of duty and at the close of work.

Sanitize your hands at the gate at resumption of duty and at the close of work, during break time (in and out) and when visitors come into the premises.

Hand washing with SOAP AND WATER is highly recommended as the best safety option for at least 20 seconds.

Sequel to the first doze of the Covid-19 vaccine, the health workers will come to our Office on Tuesday, 8th June, 2021 at 10:00am prompt to administer the second doze of the vaccine.

Please make yourself available at the stipulated time.

The Management is giving the vaccine to all employees at no additional cost.

Maintain a reasonable distance at work (on-site or off-site).

Kindly note that we will continue to monitor the Covid-19 outbreak and inform you as we have new guidance from the Federal Ministry of Health.

Stay healthy and don’t hesitate to contact your managers or HR department if you have any questions or concerns.

We want you to remain safe, healthy and calm.

 Thank you.



HR MANAGER                                          

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Absent From Work Internal Memo Example

In a corporate organization, if for any reason an employee will not be on duty, then, the employee is expected to follow the due process by writing a formal request for casual leave to the Human Resources Department stating clearly the reason why he or she will not be on duty.

The Human Resources Manager will comment on the staff’s leave request stating how many days leave the said staff is entitled to and why the Management should approve the leave request.

Then from Human Resources Managers desk, the staff’s request will be forwarded to the top Managers like the Managing Director, the General Manager or the Technical Manager for final approval.

If for any reason an employee decided to boycott this process and failed to come to work, the management will serve the employee a query, informing the staff the explain the reason behind the absent from work. Below is an example of a warning memo issued to a staff due to absent from work without permission.

Internal Memo

To: Staff Name (Designation)

From: ADMIN/HR Manager

CC:    MD, GM, TM,

Date:  November 4, 2021.

Subject: Warning-Absent from work

It has come to the attention of the Management that you were absent from work yesterday being Monday 8th march 2021 without any permission.

Be informed that this will serve as a final warning as the management will not condole any subsequent absenteeism, in the case of unforeseen events which may keep you away from work, you are mandated to put a call to the Administrative department to inform them prior to resumption time or day.

Thank you.


Name …………                                                           

Admin/HR Manager                                     

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Deduction Internal Memo Example

Internal Memo

To:     Staff Name (Designation)

From:   Admin/ HR 


Date:   April 4, 2021.

Subject: Deduction

The above subject matter refers

Please be reminded that the concession for the resumption time authorized by General Manager to you is 9.30am on daily basis but we have noticed that you arrive to the office beyond the allotted time. Often times you arrive past 11am and today being 1th March, 2019 you arrived 11.40am to the office. This is highly unacceptable.

Consequent upon this, the equivalent of three (3) days deduction will be made from your salary for the month of March, 2021.

Kindly adhere to a strict standing instruction to sign in at the stipulated time which is 9:30am as management will no longer tolerate your late coming.

Thank you.



HR Manager

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Additional Staff Internal Memo Example

Additional staff internal memorandum usually come from the Admin or Human Resources Department of the organization as a way of introducing a new staff to other members of the organization.

When writing additional staff memo, the staff name, position and designation should be stated clearly for proper identification.

In an organization with few a employees, a member of the Admin or HR Department may take the new staff to each department for proper physical identification.

The Admin or HR department is also expected to write an internal memo to the Account department, informing them of the new staff and the need to update their records for the purpose of salary payment.

Below is is examples of a well composed additional staff memos that can serve as a guide when writing your own.

Internal Memo

To:       Account

From: Human Resources Manager

CC:       Managing Director, General Manager, Technical Manager.

Date:     October 16, 2021 

Subject:  Additional Security Staff (Designation)                                               

This is to inform you that the under listed staff were employed as Security Staff at Katampe Main yard with monthly salary of Twenty Four Thousand, Two Hundred Naira Only (₦24, 200.00) respectively.

  1. Staff Name 1- resumed on 16th October, 2021.
  2. Staff Name 2- resumed on 18th October, 2021.

Kindly include their names in the salary payroll with effect from their respective dates of resumption. 

Thank you.



HR Manager

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Cost Effective Internal Memo Example

Cost effective internal memo usually come from the management of an organization informing workers on the need to reduce expenses. The management might have observed the cost implication of such item and the negative effects of the high consumption rate of the item. So they will come up with an internal memo telling workers that if the rate at which they consume such item is not well managed, the company may broke down and may probably end in debt.

Example of cost effective internal memo

Internal Memo

To:      All Department

From: Admin/HR

CC:     MD, GM, CA, CQS

Date:   7th June, 2021

Subject: High Consumption of Ink

We have noticed the high rate of printer ink consumption during the downtime of the photocopier machine. Management understands the situation and has made effort to rectify the photocopier.

Kindly be informed that the photocopier is in full functionality, therefore all bulky photocopy should be done with the photocopier machine.  

You are hereby advice to desist from making bulky photocopies with the Officejet allotted to your department as the inks of those machines are highly expensive and relatively not economical to be used for such bulky task.

Kindly adhere to these directives.



Admin/HR Manager   

Internal Memo

To:       ALL STAFF

From:   Admin/ HR  

CC:      MD, GM, CA, CQS

Date:   November 7, 2021.

Subject: Office Operational Cost Internal Memo Example

Based on the challenging issues bordering on fuel and diesel scarcity across the nation, kindly be informed that the office power generator will be shut down from 12noon to 2pm and then from 4pm to 6pm to save operational cost.

Also be made aware that management has approved office business to close at 4pm daily for the week.

Hopefully, we will resume normal activities from next week.

Thank you.



Admin/ HR Manager  

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Eating in the office Internal memo Example

Eating in a work environment is a form of distraction and sometimes it is not hygienic. The Management may come up with an internal memo informing staff to stop such habit and as well informing them of the health implications of such habit, for their own good and the good of the organization.

Examples of eating in the office memo

Internal Memo

To: All Staff

From: HR Manager


Date: May 25th, 2021

Subject: Eating within the office premises

It has come to the attention of the Management that some staff have developed the habit of eating in the office, which is not acceptable.

Please be informed that such act will not be condoned from henceforth, and anyone caught will be faced with the consequence.

Thank you.



HR Manager

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When writing internal memo, state clearly where the memo is heading to (TO). Indicate who is sending the memo (FROM). Copy the top Managers in the organization (CC) . Include Date, if possible the Time you sent the memo. The Subject of the memo or topic of the memo should be stated clearly as well.

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