How to Set Up Access Bank Mobile App on Your Mobile Phone

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Access bank of Nigeria just introduced the new Access more mobile App that allows her customers to make transactions using your mobile phones. Initially, they have the regular Access mobile banking App, but due to their merge with Diamond bank, the came up with a unified mobile banking App that allows their customers and former Diamond bank users to carry out transaction on one platform.

What is AccessMore App

Access More Application is a unique mobile transaction app, owned by access bank that provide personalized services, and exceptional user experience. This app is simple to operate and is free for download on Android PlayStore and iOS Store.

How is Access more App different from the existing app?

The new AccessMore app mobile payment app from Access bank gives a “better banking experience”

It provides extra features with good customer experience. This new App is in order with Access bank promise to bring in the choicest of the Access and Diamond mobile apps. image
Image of access more App

Where can I download the Access More App?

It is free for download on the Android Playstore and IOS Store.

Transaction limit using the AccessMore App.

Individual transaction limit is N5m for one day (N1m per transfer).

This means that you cannot carry out a transaction above N5million and the minimum amount you can transfer on a go is N1million. If you want to carry out any transaction above N5milion, you then need to visit the bank.

What will happen to my existing App (Access and Diamond)

The apps will still be Available till 2022. This is to give customers enough time to roam to the current app. But you can still download the old Access and Diamond App. You do not require to remove the existing App if you don’t want to, but its advisable you migrate to the new Access more App to enjoy a more convenient mobile banking.

AccessMore Token

You can demand for a token to permit you carry out a huge transaction on Access more App by Calling Access bank Contact Center on 01-271-2005-7. Without the token, you cannot carry out a transaction of up to a million naira at a go.

Unique features of Access More App.

  • Instant loans
  • Schedule payment
  • Dark theme
  • Nearby payment (Bluetooth payment)
  • AccessAfrica
  • Secure Face ID
  • Dubai Visa application
  • Flight booking
  • Foreign currency transfers
  • Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers
  • Credit card repayment
  • Access Rewards
  • Bancassurance
  • Quick Order/Restaurant Payment
  • XclusivePlus Subscription
  • Digital Marketplace
  • LCC Balance Enquiry as Quick Service.

AccessMore reward for users

Users get rewarded with points for every activity they do on the Access More app. 

These points can be used to paybills, buy airtime and loads of other benefits.

How it Works:

  • Sign up for the Access Rewards Program by acknowledging the terms and conditions . You earn your bonus points for every transaction completed. 

1 point is equivalent to ₦1. 

  • To buy airtime/pay bills with your bonus points, just select your reward wallet as source account for the transaction or any activity you want to perform. 

Note: Unused points expires by the end of every quarter.

How to activate AccessMore app

Existing customers

  • Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store
  • Download “Access More” app
  • After a successful download, login with your existing credentials of either Access or Diamond Mobile Apps

New Customers.

  • Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store
  • Download the “Access More” app
  • Select ‘Sign up’ to register
  • Select Unique User ID and Password
  • Create PIN with ATM card or OTP sent to mobile number. Better still you can
  • Call the customer Contact Center(01-2702005) to set up an E-PIN or token.

What you can look at on your Access Mobile Premium

Activities you can perform with your AccessMore App.

With the help of the Access more App, you can perform the following operations.

  • You can buy airtime top-up to any mobile network
  • You can transfer funds within Access Bank and to other Banks
  • You can Pay bills – DSTV, PHCN, LCC. E.t.c.
  • You can Fund Transfer to Third Parties in Access Bank
  • Funds Transfer to accounts in other banks
  • You can also perform International Funds Transfer to any country
  • Transfer fund instantly across Africa
  • Make Payments using QR with mVisa
  • Get a Payday Loan
  • Pay bills to over 10,000 merchants
  • Buy Movie Tickets
  • Know your Account Officer’s details
  • Request for a Debit Card/ ATM Card
  • Self card Activation
  • manage your Cheque
  • perform some Self service
  • Quick User guides that guides you on how to perform some transactions
  • Manage your Beneficiaries
  • Make Cardless Withdrawal
  • Generate receipts and payment statements
  • Carry out activities in larger figures to the tune of N5million daily
  • Purchase your Airline ticket
  • Locate branch and ATMs nearest to you

You can get more information from Access Bank experts by sending email to

or visit accessbankplc for more!

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