How to Activate GTBank Mobile Banking App

GTB Mobile Banking Apps helps you to bank from anywhere in the world.

The mobile banking App is of two types

  • GTWorld App
  • GTBank Mobile App

Difference between GTWorld and GTBank Mobile App

GTWorld App

GTWorld app helps business owners to monitor their business transactions across the globe using GAPS -A unique online banking platform for businesses.

With GTWorld, you can complete your transaction with your fingerprint, your face dictation or any 4 digits of your choice.

You can get GTWorld today from Google Play, for all Android devices users, or from the Apple App Store for all iOS/ iPhone devices users.

GTBank Mobile App

With GTBank Mobile App you have access to all GT Bank services. Including paying bills and managing your bank account by yourself. Unlike the GTWorld App that is specifically designed for business owners.

You can also get the GTBank Mobile App from Google Play, for Android phone owners, or from the Apple App Store, for iOS phone uses. 

Features of the GTBank Mobile App

  • You can view your account balance.
  • Manage your account
  • View your transaction history
  • Make transfers either to your own account, to other GTBank accounts, or to other bank accounts.
  • You can buy Airtime and Data for any networks.
  • Pay Bills
  • You can manage your debit/credit card
  • Request for account statement
  • Change your contact details including your email address, phone number and other details


Your phone number is your account number (Wallet ID)

You don’t even need to be an account holder of GTBank to register for GTBank Mobile Money.

Network providers will charge you for using data to access the App

How to use GTBank mobile App image
GTBank mobile App
  • After you have downloaded and install the App from App store
  • Open the App and type in your User ID and password.
  • For new users who do not have an ID, you can press *737*6*5# from your phone and follow the commands to get your pin with the phone number you normally use to receive alert from the bank.
  • For those who have forgotten their password, you can click “Forgot Password?” link to readjust your password.
  • When you have successfully logged in, the system will ask you to verify your device. Select ‘Yes’
  • The next step is to choose your transaction method “PIN or Token”

Note: if you choose PIN, then you need to agree with the Terms and conditions of Use of PIN

  • Then you can go ahead and create a PIN which you will be using to carry out your transactions instead of a token.
  • Should in case you want to switch between PIN and Token, go to ‘settings’ and follow the instructions.
  • After generating your 5-digit secure code by dialing *737*7# to verify your device.
  • Enter the code in the app and your device will be successfully verified.
  • Now your App is ready to use.


In case you want to use Token to verify your device, a 5-digit secure code will also be sent to you through message to verify your device for the first time. Enter the code in the App and your mobile phone will be successfully verified and your GTBank Mobile App is ready to use.


  • Very simple to use
  • fast in network
  • Very secured
  • Very stable and powerful banking app


  • You may not see the history of your account in full. It’s just limited to only 10 transactions.
  • There are so many incidences of hidden charges.
  • You may find the App difficult to use if you change your mobile device or phone number.
  • Sometimes if you forget your password and click the “forget password?” button, it will tell you that your app is not linked to an active email.


This happens only when you change your phone number or your mobile device.


You can always forward your complaints to with your contact details:

  • A screenshot of the error you are facing and
  • Your mobile number

Your complaints will be addressed within 24 hours.

visit Gtbank Official website for more info

How to Make Your Transaction Using GTBank App

Follow these steps and save yourself the stress and time of visiting bank, ATM or POS Agent.

  • Open the GTBank mobile app
  • Select “Transfers”
  • Select the ‘account’
  • select the ‘Bank’ you want to send the money.
  • Type in the account details
  • Account number and the
  • Beneficiary’s name.


Once you type in the ‘account number’ the app will automatically retrieve the name of the account owner from GTBank data base and displays it. At this stage, you are required to confirm if the name tallies with the account number. (If correct)

  • You can proceed by typing the amount you want to send
  • You can add a short note description especially when you are paying for something. This section is optional, not compulsory.
  • A preview will be generated for you to see the transaction you want carry out.
  • You can then proceed to enter your PIN and click on the “Transfer” button.

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