Comprehensive Motor Insurance in Nigeria?

If you are looking for an insurance coverage to protect your car in Nigeria, may be you should consider getting Comprehensive car insurance. In this article, we will explain how comprehensive car insurance works in Nigeria and how it helps to protect your car.

A comprehensive auto insurance provides the widest cover against fire, theft and other damages done to your vehicle. It also covers death, or body injury that the insured car may cause to another person( third party)

How Comprehensive car insurance work in Nigeria

Comprehensive car insurance policy is sold by some major insurance companies in Nigeria. Before you consider signing up for comprehensive insurance policy, you must make sure that you have your Drivers license ready (not expired) and your National Identity Card (NIC). These are the two major means of identification that qualifies you to get comprehensive insurance coverage in Nigeria.

Just like other Insurance policies, When buying comprehensive car policy, you are expected to fill out the know your customer form which contains:

  • Your Personal Information
  • Your means of Identification
  • Your Vehicle details and the
  • Quote
Vehicle inspection form
Comprehensive car insurance know your customer form

Other forms to fill may includes:

  • Motor proposal form
  • Insurance physical inspection form

Major Insurance Companies that Offers Car Insurance in Nigeria

Almost all the insurance companies in Nigeria offers car Insurance coverage, here we will provide the major companies that offers the best coverage when it comes to car insurance policies.

  • AXA Mansard Insurance plc
  • Leadway Assurance
  • Custodian Insurance
  • Allianz insurance
  • NEM Insurance
  • Consolidated Hallmark
  • AIICO Insurance
  • Mutual Benefit

Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim Process

  • Notify the Insurance company about the level of damage done to you vehicle.
  • Get a claim form from the Insurance company.
  • Fill the claim accordingly.
  • Provide all necessary document depending on the kind of claim.
  • Submit the claim to the insurance company.
  • Wait for the Insurance company to process your claim.
  • Insurance company pay your claim after confirmation.


There are many fake insurance agent out there who rob people of their hard earned money all in the name of helping you to get the best insurance coverage. It’s advisable you confirm the authenticity of your insurance certificate by visiting the Nigeria Insurance industry database(NIID) website Type in your vehicle number and your insurance certificate number on the confirmation search box. The result should say ” confirm that the bearer of the policy carry your name” But if it doesn’t show any result, it might be fake, you then need to contact your insurance officer.

The second way to confirm if your policy certificate is fake or original is to dial the code *565*11# on your mobile phone using the phone number you used during your policy registration process, the enter your vehicle Reg. Number. that’s all.

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