15 Reasons why you need an Insurance Coverage

Are you looking for an Insurance policy that will cover your business or your properties? Are you new in insurance business and you want to know more about insurance industry especially in Nigeria? Are you still confused of weather to sign up for Insurance or not?

We have got you covered, this article is for you if your answer to one of these questions above is “yes”. as we always say, here in mytmoro.com we are committed to providing you financial tips, reviews and guides that will make your tomorrow a better one.

Many people ignore the fact that death is inevitable. The truth is ” no one knows what the next second would give birth to” Yeah, it’s a bitter truth, we often ignore the fact that we live in a world of uncertainties. Do you often think of what will happen to your loved ones when you die? Does it cross your mind sometimes that accident does not ring bell? or that you can be out from home one day and all of a sudden a call will came through telling you that your multimillion naira house has been raised down by fire?

In as much as we don’t pray for such bad events to happen to us, it is also advisable to protect ourselves should in case we fall a victim of one of these unexpected circumstances. With these been said, i bring to you 15 solid reasons why you should sign up for insurance policy especially in Nigeria.

Top 15 Reasons why you need Insurance policy

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  1. Having an Insurance policy can save a business if the key person dies
  2. Insurance coverage is a big supplement to your retirement plan. At least you have something to fall back on when the strengths of your youth are not longer there.
  3. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to die and leave your children or your loved ones with just a few naira in your bank account. Get insurance and save them from future hardship.
  4. Your children can not inherit your job when you die, so even if even your work place has provided you insurance, it is advisable you get your own policy for the benefit of your family because in as much as they cannot inherit you job, they cannot inherit your insurance coverage as well.
  5. Regardless of your careful and smooth driving, life can still happen. to that effect, you need insurance to protect you car against unexpected crash.
  6. Some Insurance policies also covers car theft. You need a policy to cover you car in the event that bad guys snatched it from you. Insurance company can replace your car when you request a claim that your car has been stolen.
  7. Because the world we live in is not predictable, you need insurance to cover any unexpected events that may rise.
  8. Because it is a law in some countries, and i hope as a law abiding citizen, you wouldn’t want to break the law of your country. For instance in Nigeria, Motor insurance is compulsory. I know most people do not know because not everyone can afford a car in my country, now you know.
  9. Having insurance gives you peace of mind and self confidence.
  10. Insurance company can fix your house in the event that fire got the house.
  11. We are prone to sicknesses, anyone can be a victim of one sickness or the other or accident can happen at any time, it may be when you do not have enough cash at hand. Insurance can be of help when such unexpected ailment come up.
  12. Bad guys can break in to your home and take your valuables, if you signed up for a burglary insurance with an insurance company, you are in save hand.
  13. Even your mobile devices can be insured now in Nigeria against unexpected lost or damage, that’s to show you how important insurance policies in this 21st Century.
  14. Are you aware that there is an insurance policy now in Nigeria that can pay your school fee from start to graduation? I know most of us do not know, now you know so get yourself ready and grab yourself a policy that will assist your studies.
  15. Even your electronic gadgets and home appliances can be insured now. What are you waiting for? Get yourself insured now and have peace of mind.

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